Claire® is the first advertising machine in the world that owns an original patented system, which allows innovating a business packaging using a sticker, and a monitor able to show advertising spots.

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The advertising that follows you

Claire® is an advertising form that attracts, for free, customer’s attention during his breaks and follows him everywhereduring his day.In this way, the advertising message also will be seen by people who enter in contact with the customer.

Versatile and persistent

The advertiser owns a space, which is more persistent then other advertising channels, where he can dedicate his creativity.


Choose you area of interest

Using Claire, you can choose the place in which you are interested and so, a particular local target audience. In this way, your massage aims at your target so that it will be more efficient and you will take the best from your investment.

Organise your advertising campaign

Every advertising campaign works weekly: it begins on Monday and finishes on Sunday. Contact us to book one or more weeks.


A new way of communication

Claire is something that did not exist before. It is a new media that combines analogic and digital communication channels aspects.
Sticker: the advertising campaign can be spread by a paper support.
Video: the advertising campaign can be spreadthrough a video support.
The real innovation of Claire is represented by the possibility to check an advertising campaign spread by an analogical medium.

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