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The first step is a meeting between the advertiser and Claire manager. The advertising campaign will be planned considering its aim and its time of organisation will be defined.


The client will receive the template to realize the graphic desired for his advertising campaign.
Claire can host two different messages, one on the front side and the other on the back side of the packaging.
Download the template


Established the graphic, complied with the policy, accepted the press proof, we start stickers production.

Now, your sticker advertising campaign is ready to go.


The stickers are sent to the shops chosen by the advertiser.

Publish your message for one or more weeks using Claire stickers support!

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The first step is a meeting between the advertiser and Claire manager. Aims, needs, and timing will be discussed to organise a well thought-out work.



The client receives instructions needed to realise his video spot. For more information about how to design your spot click on the link below.

Download the instructions


Once the spot has been defined and the policy complied with, the advertising is ready to start! It will be, for free, with the user during all his daily routine.


Commercials will be showed in every shop, in agreement with the advertiser will.

Publish your spot for one or more weeks on our video support

How to promote your brand with Claire

Are you a company? You will offer the final user an innovative service for free!
Choosing to invest in our advertising channel, you will make your services available to the user so that you can reach a large target and get the best results for your business.
Many brands have already invested on Claire, discover them and take the cue from them to realise your advertising.

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